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Washington, DC Divorce Attorneys Handle Child Support Disputes

Family lawyers work hard to protect your children’s interests

Whether you are likely to be paying child support or receiving it, the family law attorneys at Douglas & Boykin PLLC know how to protect the rights of you and your child. If you will be receiving child support, you should keep in mind that a bigger child support obligation is not always better — if the support payments are unrealistic, there’s a greater risk of default, or nonpayment. If you will be paying child support, you should be aware that the court will not approve payments that are inadequate for the proper care and support of your child.

Courts apply child-support guidelines

The District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia have established child support guidelines for determining the amount of child support to be paid by the noncustodial parent. Factors the courts consider include:

  • Incomes of both parents
  • Childcare costs
  • Health insurance costs
  • Any support that the noncustodial parent is paying for children of past marriages or relationships
  • Extraordinary medical expenses

A seasoned child custody attorney at Douglas & Boykin can explain how child support is likely to be determined in your case.

Enforcing and modifying child support payments

If your ex-spouse fails to pay child support or unjustly accuses you of failing to pay, Douglas & Boykin can help. The firm’s attorneys are experienced in seeking enforcement of child support orders, as well as challenging unfair enforcement actions. The possible consequences of failing to pay child support in Washington, DC include:

  • Garnishment of wages or unemployment compensation
  • Liens on property
  • Suspension of driver license, hunting and fishing licenses, occupational, and professional licenses
  • Seizure of tax refunds
  • Reporting the child support debt to credit rating agencies
  • Denial of passport

If there is a substantial change in the needs of the child or the financial situation of the parents, either parent can seek a modification of the child support order.

Contact Washington, DC child support lawyers for legal support

The Washington, D.C. family law attorneys at Douglas & Boykin PLLC work hard to advance the interests of your children during a divorceContact the firm at 202-753-0042 or online to schedule an appointment today. Douglas & Boykin’s office is near Metro stops at Farragut North, Dupont Circle (Red Line), and Farragut West (Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines) in Washington, DC. The firm serves the District of Columbia metropolitan area, including Maryland and Northern Virginia.

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