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Washington, DC Firm Helps Modify Your Divorce Decree

Post-decree modifications reflect changes in your circumstances

The attorneys at Douglas & Boykin PLLC understand that your life can change dramatically in the months or years after your divorce. The law also acknowledges this reality, and thus allows modifications of divorce-related orders to reflect altered needs and circumstances. Douglas & Boykin can help you obtain or contest a modification of your alimony or child support, custody, and visitation arrangements.

Spousal support modification

To win a modification of an alimony order, you must show a substantial change of circumstances. The most common reasons a spousal maintenance order is modified include: Cohabitation or remarriage of the party who’s receiving alimony payments

  • Involuntary unemployment of the party who’s paying support
  • Significant increase or decrease in income of the party paying spousal support
  • Extraordinary medical expenses or disability
  • New employment or increase in income by the party receiving alimony

Modifying child support and child custody

Either parent can ask the court to modify a child support, child custody or parenting time arrangement. The court looks at a variety of factors when determining whether to modify child custody or child support, including:

  • Substantial change in either spouse’s income or employment status
  • Substantial change in the child’s physical or mental health
  • A new health problem that affects a parent’s ability to work
  • A parent’s desire to move to another jurisdiction
  • A parent’s substance abuse or criminal activity

If you want to modify, or oppose the modification of, your child custody or child support arrangement, Douglas & Boykin will review your circumstances and explain your options.

Discuss your modification needs with an attorney

Talk with the family law attorneys at Douglas & Boykin PLLC about modifying your divorce decree. Contact the firm at 202-753-0042 or online. Douglas & Boykin’s office is located near Metro stops at Farragut North, Dupont Circle (Red Line), and Farragut West (Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines) in Washington, DC. The firm serves the District of Columbia metropolitan area, includes Maryland and Northern Virginia.

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