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Will the U.S. See its Divorce Rate Spike After the COVID-19 Quarantine Ends?

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With so many American residents stuck at home with their families, prognosticators have predicted that several months down the road, the country could experience a baby boom and a divorce deluge. Unlike a cozy blizzard that keeps you home from work for a few days, a global pandemic that triggers shelter-in-place orders spreading over multiple […]

Who Gets the Stimulus Check When Spouses Are Separated or Divorcing?

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Going through a divorce is stressful enough, but the coronavirus pandemic spreading throughout the United States presents additional complications for spouses who have decided to split. In addition to changes that might need to be made regarding custody and visitation arrangements while travel is restricted, negotiations over property division need to address any new economic […]

Factors That Influence Child-Custody Decisions

  When you consult a family law attorney near D.C., he or she will ask you about your goals for the child custody arrangement and parenting time plan. Under D.C. law the primary consideration in determining what custody arraignment the judge will order is the best interest of the child. Under family law in D.C., the court will consider all […]

Grounds For Divorce

As a divorce lawyer in DC advises clients, divorce law mandates that one party file for divorce by citing a legal grounds. While some states recognize fault-based divorces, almost all states also offer no-fault divorce. Watch this video to learn more. Whether you prefer to file for fault-based or no-fault divorce, you or your family law attorney must […]

Comparing Legal Separation And Divorce

  Divorce law in DC is complex, which is why anyone considering a legal separation or divorce should consult directly with a lawyer. is the attorneys at Douglas & Boykin, PLLC are familiar with the ins and outs of family law and know the District of Columbia family court system. While some people may only be interested in legal […]

What Should You Bring To A Consultation With A Divorce Lawyer

If you’re planning to visit a divorce lawyer near D.C., it’s a good idea to call the family law firm ahead of your appointment. Ask a staff member if there is anything in particular you should bring to your consultation with the divorce lawyer. For example, if you’ve been served with divorce papers, you should bring a copy. The […]

What Are The Differences Between Annulment And Divorce

Annulment and divorce are two key concepts in family law in D.C. As divorce lawyers advise their clients, divorce and annulment both end a marriage and free former spouses to remarry. But while divorce legally dissolves a marriage, an annulment declares the entire arrangement void. Under the law, it is as though the marriage never happened. Keep reading to […]

Tips For Facing Custody Disputes During Divorce

Where the parties seeking a divorce the law of the District of Columbia generally allows the parties to amicabley establish a of mutually agreeable custody arrangement. And in some cases, the parties are able to resolve issues of custody on their own or through private mediation. Unfortunately however, it’s certainly not uncommon to go through contentious disputes regarding the custody […]

A Look At No-Fault Divorce

If you are considering a legal separation or divorce, you should consider obtaining the advice of a divorce lawyer near D.C. D.C. is a no-fault jurisdiction, which means there are specific requirements you must fulfill when you submit your divorce papers in family court. A no-fault divorce is a concept in divorce law that refers to a situation when […]

Legal Mistakes to Avoid During A Divorce

Divorce can be an exhausting and emotionally draining process. It’s all too easy to make costly errors that may jeopardize child custody arrangements, child support, and asset division. For guidance on divorce law in the District of Columbia, you can turn to a family law attorney. Trying to Skimp on Legal Services You may have seen advertisements for “do-it-yourself” […]

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